Sync survey data to flat files & sheets
Bulk export of SurveyMonkey data
Sync SurveyMonkey data to Cloud Storage
Enable Custom Analytics
Excel Online and Google Sheets Integrations

Flatly is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that replicates business data as flat files (CSV, XLSX, or Sheets) in cloud storage. The service can be configured through a set of "jobs" or "job settings" which control the replication and syncing of data. Once a job is set to run, Flatly runs as an invisible background service.

Using Flatly with SurveyMonkey enables data analysts to connect the following SurveyMonkey data sets:

  • ContactLists+Contacts
  • Reponses by Survey
  • Surveys+Details

These data sets can be replicated in popular cloud storage services such as:

  • Google Sheets
  • Excel Online
  • Amazon S3 Storage
  • Azure Storage
  • Google Data Studio
  • PowerBI

This aggregate analysis can be helpful for SurveyMonkey admins who want to better understand:

  • Their entire Survey portfolio, with insights into its composition and response rates
  • Survey responses by time, location or other metrics
  • Contact metrics or demographics
  • SurveyMonkey data blended with data from other business apps (CRM, Help Desk, etc.)