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Information for respondents

In the framework of OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE in relation to MODERNIZATION AND RECONSTRUCTION OF HEYDAR ALIYEV OIL REFINERY, a specific PROGRAM for improving HSE (Health Safety Environment) is going to be developed. The HSE program will involve the whole organization of the Refinery at all levels. In order to establish the current situation an overall preliminary assessment is already going on, led by a dedicated team, but is of capital importance to capture the point of views of all personnel on these themes. For this reason you are kindly asked to participate to this survey, by providing answer to some questions.

  • The purpose of this survey is to find out your views in relation to protection of Health Safety and Environment in our Refinery.
  • Your opinions are important and appreciated – please contribute to this survey and thank you for participating.
  • The questionnaire is absolutely anonymous: responses will only be seen by the research team and will be treated in the strictest confidence. It will not be possible to identify your responses in the analysis or report.
  • It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire.
  • If a question is not applicable to you then please select “Not applicable to me”.
  • The questionnaire can be done only once by a single person.
  • For any questions, please speak to your line manager or to the ICARO team.

All surveys must be completed and submitted by 30 April 2024.
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